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Micro-Surfacing is a combination of polymer-modified asphalt binder, aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives properly proportioned paver-mixed in transit and spread on a paved surface.  The product is placed streets, highways, parking lots, and airports to substantially extend their useful life.  Micro-Surfacing is spread in 9 to 14 foot wide passes.  Normally the application is less than a one-half inch thick surface.  Narrower applications are used for wheel ruts and transverse leveling. 


NDOR Rut Leveling and Full Width Surface Application

Rut leveling on NE 275 west of Norfolk 


SDOT I-29 Rut Leveling                                                Shelby County, IA

Rut leveling on I-29 from N. Sioux City, IA to Elk Point SD.  

Full width Micro Surfacing on Shelby County F58 with rut leveling 

Pottawattamie County Micro Surfacing
G-30 East of I-80 - Surface & leveling with a scratch course

Clay County, NE

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