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Seal Coat / Armor Coat

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A Seal Coat is the application of an asphalt binder which is then covered with an aggregate (crushed chip, gravel or pea rock) and compacted.  The asphalt binder is the glue and the aggregate is the wearing surface.  This process seals small cracks and extends the pavement life.

The binder is the glue that holds the aggregate or wearing surface in place.  The flexibility and cure time of the mat is determined by the type of asphalt binder used. 

The primary concerns with the aggregate are size, hardness, cleanliness and the cost or source.

The primary concerns with the selection of asphalt types are:

1.  Emulsions (high float vs. standard)
2.  Cutbacks (grade)
3.  One needs to determine cure time desired, bleeding requirements, time between asphalt application and aggregate application and time between aggregate application and compaction.



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