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Super Patch

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Stop Pot Holes
with one of the finest, top quality products available on the market
"One of the Nation's Premier Patch Products"

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You don't have to be a slave to the weather with all-purpose Sta-Bilt Super Patch.  You can make repairs any time of the year--no matter the weather.  Hot--Cold, Super Patch is nearly impervious to them both.

Produced at our plant in Harlan, Iowa, this bituminous cold patching material remains pliable under a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.  No more waiting for that perfect day.  An added benefit is you don't have to heat our product for it to be effective.

Sta-Bilt Super Patch sticks where you put it -- fills holes and stays put for maximum efficiency and economy.  We also offer convenient delivery, or you can pick up Super Patch at our plant.


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